It defines young people who were born at the beginning of this century. A generation that wants to make a difference and make a relevant contribution to society; But not with punctuality, thoroughness, order and structure - no, with thrive, digital networking and life-like weighing up of commitment and motivation. What is important gets attention. The motto: everything around us is liquid, a defined life offers few options!


The generation Z makes a wide bow around established ones, which are to be auspicious. Prejudices? With their naturally growing circle of friends and their willingness to cooperate, they have a large network - and they are  not so naive to confuse "friends" with real friends. The digital natives are the pioneers of the sharing mentality - benefit instead of possession. 



The older ones are those of us who have already shaped a good part of their years of life and have a solid upholstery of experience and stocks. They are women who are strong, self-confident and active in life, enthusiastic, caring and curious, and understand a high degree of social responsibility as self-evident. And there are men who are committed to contribute into the society and bring in their working experience. Good role models, these women and men. 


Each life stage defines its own task and activity, the individual commitment and a creative tension. In each phase, there is the question of "standing still and resting" or "get moving, get involved, bloom!" 


How do I pick the fruits of my life? For me and the generations around me?


Blossom thinks that the older generation can learn a lot from young people in dealing with openness and insecurity, since the youngsters offer much. ENTREPRENEURSHIP FOR THE OWN LIFE! We are firmly convinced that new actions are to be taken, which give the individual life-stages their own shape and therefore their own satisfaction. Growing up and also getting older means to build up and expand your own 'life company', with all its possibilities to venture into new projects.


'Circumstances are constantly changing. And one must either cease to act completely or take over the new role with will and consciousness. '

Johann Wolfgang Goethe